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Rev’s Reflections on Life “Road Trip” Planning

We sure have been doing a lot of motorcycle riding this summer! Lots of new DRP chevrons being sewn onto vests, new bonds being forged, and new tires put on bikes! Some of the riding has been on our own and by ourselves, and some has been as group rides with our CVMA Brothers and Sisters. Some has been around the local area, and some has been long distance riding. Whatever the distance, the riding around beautiful north Alabama has been spectacular!

I often see similarities between riding motorcycles and the rest of my life that is not spent on two wheels. Maybe you see the same things in your life. Sometimes I make my ride better and more enjoyable through detailed planning, and other times I’ll see a post on Band and decide right then and there to saddle up and head out. In life, some of what we do necessitates planning, while in other areas, spontaneity is its own reward.

Motorcycle Ride Planning

Many of us have just returned from our Region One Rally in Gulfport. As y’all know, multi-day long trips can require a lot of planning. Considerations I took into account included: routes, gas-burn rates and fuel stops, HD Dealership hours, the weather, rest areas and restaurants, and liquor stores. Maybe you considered these, too, when planning your long ride.

Our Road Captains are skilled at coming up with very detailed plans for our group rides. Turns, distances, and rest stops are mapped out. We have a Ride SOP, comms plans, and we decide on contingencies in the event of a breakdown or other “mishap”. These are all good things and ensure a safe, orderly, and enjoyable ride. I dig it.

But… I also understand that therapy is expensive, and that wind is cheap. There is a certain appeal about the “open road” and sometimes you just need to, “get your motor running and head out on the highway.” Sometimes, it’s okay to “get lost” and let your GPS guide you home without planning the way.

Life “Ride” Planning

Sometimes there is a need for a detailed life plan. Think about all those parts of our lives that needed planning. What sports to play, schools to attend, courses to take, and jobs or careers to make. Deciding on causes to serve, scheduling time with family and friends, and taking vacations for fun are some other activities that when we plan them out, can set us up for a happy life.

But… I recognize that some of our fondest memories are those created out of thin air, from being spontaneous, carefree, and maybe a little irresponsible! Taking a chance, living by faith, moving to a new town, starting a new job, following a dream, even falling in love. These things are also good. Carpe Diem! Seize the Day! Gather ye rosebuds while ye may…


Maybe the key is recognizing when you need to develop a detailed plan, and when you don’t. What parts of our life, on and off two wheels, might you need to do a little more planning, and in which are you willing to give up a little bit of that control? Either way keep in mind, life IS an adventure; so twist the throttle!

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